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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Health Care Worker Stole My Jewelry

GEVA Theater, Rochester's only professional repertory theater, has announced that my short play, My Health Care Worker Stole My Jewelry has been selected for professional production January 18th at 8 pm at Writers and Books [740 University Ave]. The performance will include nine other winners of the 2-Pages-2-Characters Playwriting Contest. The show is free and open to the public, but will probably be very well attended. So, come early. Hope to see you there.

The play was written about five years ago as a poem based on a conversation I had with my aging Aunt Dorothy. Some family members and friends will be having dinner at Edibles [704 University Ave.] before the performance starting about 6:15 pm. If you would like to join us, please call me [388-8695] so we can make appropriate reservations.

My Health Care Worker Stole My Jewelry
a two-page comedy by
Gary Lehmann

SETTING: the confined living room of a senior living center apartment
Mother and daughter sit across from each other in overstuffed chairs.
[Don’t rush delivery. Leave plenty of pauses between the lines.]

MOTHER: My health care worker stole my jewelry.

DAUGHTER: You need a safe.

MOTHER: Not any more.

DAUGHTER: I never see you wearing jewelry.

MOTHER: I don’t.

DAUGHTER: Why did you have it?

MOTHER: I just accumulated it over the years.

DAUGHTER: But if you don’t wear it....

MOTHER: [a little angrily] I might as well give it away. Is that what you mean?

DAUGHTER: Did you?

MOTHER: I can’t recall. [pause] I guess I did. My health care worker’s got it now.

DAUGHTER: Are you sure?

MOTHER: I haven’t seen her wearing it.

DAUGHTER: Does she ever wear jewelry?

MOTHER: Not that I know.

DAUGHTER: Still, if you don’t wear jewelry, and she doesn’t wear jewelry,
whoever has it, it’s in much the same place as it was before.

MOTHER: It’s not about wearing it; it’s about losing it.

DAUGHTER: Did you ever think about it when you had it?

MOTHER: No, not much, but I didn’t have to.

DAUGHTER: Still, now you think about it. Isn’t that better?

MOTHER: I suppose so. I don’t know.

DAUGHTER: Just forget about it then. [very long pause]



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